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Quad Row 24V DC 2160X 3528 Waterproof IP20 Flexible LED Strip lights - 450 LEDs per meter [LSD-3528-2400X-IP20]

Quad Row 24V DC 2160X 3528 Waterproof IP20 Flexible LED Strip lights - 450 LEDs per meter

Save: 17.8% off

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Date Added: 11/07/2015 by Nicholas Whitehouse
LED light worked great in my fixture.

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Date Added: 01/18/2015 by Killian
I bought two of these, they both work wonderfully. I purchased AC 100V-240V to DC 24V switching power supplies for them. It works perfectly and I love how well the set worked out....

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Date Added: 01/01/2015 by Dennis
Using these as cove lighting using a Diode Led dimmable power supply and Lutron SC-DIM-RF-3KEY dimmer switches. Lots of light, and I mean LOTs. Even behind a cove and bouncing off a ceiling you don't need any other light sources. The dim on and dim off effect is very nice too (function of the Lutron)....

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Date Added: 07/03/2014 by Mike
We light our 7000 sq ft warehouse with this strip lighting. We love it. It has been a year now and zero maintenance has been done on any of it. As this was a new building with new equipment, it is hard to say on the cost savings of power but the assumption is there. Downside, still waiting to see if the cost is offset by the maintenance. I gave it 3 stars only due to the cost of the strips. performance is good....

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Date Added: 06/30/2014 by WYauk
I bought these LED lights a few months ago and put them on my friends subwoofer box, hooked 'em up to the microphone music controller, and was amazed! The white light is truly white, unlike cheaper LED light strips. I have zero complaints about these lights as they performed so well. Then my friend hit a tree and demolished the sub box. We took the LED's off and, just to see if they still worked, hooked them back into the controller and powered it up. I was astonished to find out they still worked! I guess I can add durable to the list of complements about these lights. The adhesive backing is really strong and will pretty much stick to anything, which is very helpful on a subwoofer box. These LED lights feel cheap, but they are the best light strips I have found on the market. I highly recommend these to anyone who wants to add nice background lighting to just about anything....

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